Wildlife Monitoring Network Questions

If you’d like to contact us regarding the Wildlife Monitoring Network, or if you are an organization and would like to join the network or add a wildlife monitoring survey to the network, please contact:

Peconic Estuary Partnership and Seatuck Environmental Association at:

or use the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Wildlife Surveys and Events Questions

If you have a specific question about a wildlife monitoring survey, please contact the host organization of the survey. You can find this contact information where the survey links are located on the “Wildlife Surveys” tab. If you have a specific question about an upcoming event, please contact the host organization listed in the event description. 

Animal Rescue

Found an animal that is in distress or injured? Click here for a list of Rescue Contacts

Wildlife Not Listed On this Website

It is possible that you may want to record sightings of particular wildlife but may find that this website does not list a related survey to collect your information. You can email ( to let us know what you spotted. Please send us a photo (if possible), a description of what you saw, and the habitat and general location you found the species in. This helps the WMNLI to identify an existing survey that can be added to the website or can help the WMNLI begin building data on wildlife that may not have a monitoring survey at this time. It is valuable to gain data about other species that we may know little about!