Please Note:

  • Do not handle or go near wildlife, for your safety and theirs!
  • The time of year is important to consider when monitoring. Note the active season for each species.
  • If you are unsure of how to identify a sighting, contact the host organization or review the provided resources before you submit data.
  • Note that certain surveys require a type of training to participate.
  • Rescue information is provided for certain species if found injured or distressed.

If you would like to use data from the wildlife monitoring surveys for school projects or other purposes, please reach out to the host of the survey to gain permission to use.

Blue Crab Monitoring

Host/Lead Collaborators:
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

This survey is available for the public to submit information about each of their crabbing trips. By collecting both catch and effort data, NYSDEC can calculate catch per unit effort for the recreational blue crab fishery. Catch per unit effort helps biologists better understand the success of recreational crabbers, and trends in the blue crab population from year-to-year. There is also a survey where you can report tags found on blue crabs.

Not required

Active Season:
Spring – Fall

Atlantic Ocean and bays and estuaries around Long Island

Survey Contact:
Marine Invertebrates Unit at (631) 444-0429 or